Monthly Archives: September 2005

Space Race Drug Tests

NASA just unveiled its plan to return to the moon by 2020. It involves vehicles and systems that look and act a lot like those used in the Apollo missions. Michael Griffin referred to it as “Apollo on Steroids.” But much of the technology is the same as that of the current space shuttle. Both the SRBs and SSMEs will be used on both vehicles.

The new plan involves two seperate vehicles – one for cargo and one for crew. The advantages of this are that the crew vehicle can be smaller, cheaper, and safer and the cargo vehicle can have a much higher capacity (over four times higher).

They expect to be using the new vehicles to go to ISS as soon as 2010, which is good, because that’s when the shuttle is scheduled to retire.

So, this is great, right? Some new vehicles, some new goals. My only question is how come we did it in 8 years in the 60s, but now it’s gonna take 13? I mean, I respect the fact that good engineering takes time, but it seems like the length would decrease over time? Will NASA be beat to the punch by another space agency? Someone else?

Gizmo's Jabber server

Service DiscoveryGizmoproject now has instant messaging using . You can log in to your gizmo account with the jabber client of your choice, and they have server-to-server enabled, so you can talk to the rest of the jabber world. So, I logged in with psi and had a look arround. Here’s what I found.

Group ChatFirst, I logged on. It seems that they do not support SSL connections, hopefully they will soon. Other than that, everything was very normal. I then sent a message to my main JID and received it with that account (although it’s kinda slow). I then popped open service discovery. The first node is conference, and it appears to be a functioning groupchat node. I can create/join a room, but can’t find any that have other members. The best I could tell, the official client doesn’t support it yet, let’s hope that comes soon as well. The next node looks like an irc gateway, but I was unable to really join an irc channel, so not sure if/how that one works. Then there’s pubsub and a user search. The search seems to work, but I could only find myself. I entered my vcard info with psi, so I’m probably one of the only entries there.

I was able to register with a transport on another jabber server, but haven’t tried to see if that works with the official client yet. I’m assuming that it would work fine by entering the full JID of the user through the transport.

So, this is good. I really hope that continue to add features and keep everything open so that their lack of a decent linux client doesn’t keep me from using their service.